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Dragon Mania Legends is part of Dragon Mania franchise released just now in 2015. and it has already reached the top of gaming charts. If you wonder why – just look at this beautiful graphic and fabulous dragon breads you get to play with!


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Dragons are the main focus of Dragon Mania Legends game and you won’t believe in what colors and shapes they appear. Dragon breeding is placed in the Breeding Den and hatch in the Hatchery. Once they are hatched, you must place them in a fitting habitat. Beside this, you can buy dragons from store with either gold or gems. The eggs are in the color in which dragons will be once they hatch.


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Earning gold and gems is a hard and loooooooong process…. Do you have all the time in the world to wait for next fantastic dragon to play with?

I thought so.


That’s why we give you

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that will solve all your problems and maybe some others you didn’t know you have!


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With Dragon Mania Legends Hack for PC, Android and IOS you will be able to get:

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