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Marvel Mighty Heroes CHEATS | Unlimited Gold,Crystals and Energy

Download new updated Marvel Mighty Heroes Cheats/Hack for your Marvel game! Unlock all characters and get Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Cristals and Unlimited Energy!


Marvel Mighty Heroes Game

Marvel Mighty Heroes is a “free to play” game developed in cooperation of Marvel Entertaiment and mobile developer DeNA. It’s a “real-time co-op brawler” that allows gamers to choose from Marvel’s rich diversity of heroes and villains and use them to build a dream team of fighters, each with their own set of skills and special abilities. Marvel Mighty Heroes supports four-player multiplayer and online leaderboards, so you can track how you are doing against friends as well as other players in the world. Marvel Mighty Heroes is released on 31th of March 2015 and it is availabe for iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android phones, and Android tablets.


marvel mighty heroes cheat


Marvel Mighty Heroes Gameplay

“Building off of the success of “Marvel War of Heroes”, our first Marvel-licensed title, “Marvel Mighty Heroes” is a fast and tactical battle game that will combine evolving Marvel stories with enthralling co-op and competitive multiplayer gameplay,” said Barry Dorf, Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances at DeNA. “Marvel fans and gamers alike will have the chance to create the ultimate team of super heroes and super villains to take on waves of enemies from the Marvel Universe.” Players will build a dream-team of super heroes and super villains, each utilizing different skills and special abilities to clobber, shoot, smash, and blast their way to victory. Multiplayer in “Marvel Mighty Heroes” will give players a chance to test their skills against competitors and earn a spot on the leaderboard or combine forces with friends to save the universe one battle at a time.



Marvel Mighty Heroes Characters

Marvel Mighty Heroes are put into four different classes – Scrappers, Blasters, Bruisers and Generalists. Scrappers (Red Fist icon) have high offense, but low defense. Blasters (Purple Crosshair icon) are ranged fighters that do the most damage from a distance. Bruisers (Green Shield icon) are the type of offensive fighters who can handle a huge crowd due to their high health and defense. Over time you’ll unlock all different versions of each Marvel Mighty hero. Not only do these unlocked Marvel Mighty characters come with alternate costumes, but they also arrive with differing special abilities. For example, Black Bolt comes in three variations – Modern, Earth X and War of Kings.


marvel mighty heroes hack


Marvel Mighty Heroes CHEATS | Unlimited Gold,Crystals and Energy

With our hack tool you will be able to play game like never before. This great new Marvel Mighty Heroes Cheat features:

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  10. All Items in Shop Free
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Marvel Mighty Heroes CHEATS | Unlimited Gold,Crystals and Energy





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